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  1. Hey Nick and Zuzu

    How are you? We like to contact you, pls send us your phonesnumbers. Hope everything is fine!
    Switzerland is waiting for you!
    Big hug, susUrs

  2. Hi Nick and Zulfaa how are you?
    Do you remember me? We met two years ago in Quelimane Mozambique.
    I used to work there as a manager for the Flamingo Hotel and hosted you for a few days in my Guest house.
    When you back to OZ?

  3. Hey you two,

    Just thinking of you both and thought I will drop you a note! Hope all is well.



  4. Hello you two! It’s Sam from Kapishya. Where in the world are you now? ;) Sitting out the raining season? Wise choice if so! I’m living/working in Port Alfred in SA now, missing you guys and just thought I’d drop a line.

    Much love,

  5. Wow guys!
    How amazing. Can’t get over how many places you have been to.
    It’s nice to be able to share your adventure in this way.
    Reading through has left us with big grins. There were plenty of OOHS and AAHS looking through the photos. We’ll get through the videos soon. Probably be some tears!
    So happy for you both.
    We have you bookmarked so we look forward to following your adventures further.
    Take care!

  6. Hey Nic & Zulf where are you, no news in 2012 and we already in March….hope you are ok. Holly is still jumping all over our campers and Sparky still barking at 6.00am for the reveille….glad you learning to love dogs Zulf! Ours were a bit of a tester? We got satellite so are now permanently on internet….scary. I have a blog on our web-site so you can keep tabs on us too: http://www.thefrogandfern.com
    Birgi and Shane send mucho love as do we! xxxxxxxxxxxx Jane & Dee

  7. Howzit you two,

    Seems Sid the chamelion had more in common than you thought, soul-wise… You guys are really creeping up Africa!!!

    Guess there is too much unanticipated fun !!


  8. Hi Nick and Zulfaa!!!
    Hope you’ve had an awesome time in Mana!!!
    When will you be in Mozambique??

    Much Love,

  9. Hey Nick Zuf,

    You guys are the most inspiring peeps i have met , hope you are safe and having lots of fun.
    miss yall.

  10. Hey Nic and Zul
    What a time we had in Chimanimani with you! I wonder if the ransom note will reach Oz soon? The prawn crackers need to be the variety, spicy ones o.k? Nic, Dee and I will take over the torch and keep beating Shane on the gold course. High Price and Jade will keep up the good work on the greens.
    Safe travels and we will follow you all the – with much easier backs, necks and hearts!
    Los of love Jane and Dee Frog&Fern Chimanimani Zimbabwe

  11. Hey guys!

    Just wanted to send you some love. Thinking bout you and hoping all is well. We have started to put plans together for our 2013 Greece trip and trying to fit in a time to visit you guys in Africa. When would you suggest to be the best time to visit? Or shall we visit you in 2013 and leave together to head to Greece?

    Missing you crazy kids alot!!!


  12. Hey Guys,

    Love Love Loving your blogs and your photos! Thanks for sharing your adventure! Take Care

  13. Oi! So… the ONE time i check your blog and NO update!!


  14. Hey guys!
    Update us with your travels, did you get all your gear on arrival?
    Love limmy!

  15. Farewell again Nick and Zulf!
    Can you believe this is the first time I have seen your webpage? Looking good!
    So good to see you both albeit for a very brief period.
    Safe and happy adventures.

    See you guys in Jan! You too Zulf!


  16. Hi Nick & Zulfa,

    How are you doing – seem to have lost your e-mail address… When are you coming back to Kasane? Are you going to be around over the Easter weekend? Want to invite you to Sue and my 50th Birthday bash… let me know…

  17. Hi Nick.
    How are you guys doing?Hope you are still fine.
    Sorry I took so long to get hold of you,my old internet was just too slow and just got my new internet about 2hours ago so I had to send you a message.How is the beast still behaving and are you having alot of problems.Hope to hear from you.Wishing you all the best.
    Greetings Wilhelm

  18. Hi
    Hope you are well, went to your blog to follow you trip.
    Where are you now?

  19. Hey guys,

    hope your trip through Namibia is going well…amazing country eh? How is the bakkie holding up?

    We are currently on our way back down from Rwanda. Next stop tanz, Malawi, Mozambique (again). Wondering if we will catch you somewhere for a beer along the way. You going through Bots, then Zambia?

    All the best and happy travels

    Bryan and Lani (the other aussie Hilux owners)

  20. Hey you two,

    It’s been a while since I’ve taken a look at your site – the photo’s and video’s look amazing! I’m envious of everything you’re doing and the sense of being away from the stresses of work you must enjoy…. it’s really inspiring what you guys are doing.

    Nick, happy belated birthday! I’m sure it was one to remember.

    I can’t wait to catch up with you both and share a drink and hear the many stories you have.

    Until the next message, safe travels and much love,

  21. Hi there you two! I believe you are both enjoying Namibia… are the tyres holding up to the rugged terrain? Never been there but brother-in-law says beautiful country. Rich says hi – he is busy writting an essay to hand in on Monday. Your site captures the essence of your spirit of adventure. Take care and God Bless.
    Mrs Jacobs

  22. Hello you two!

    Good to meet you guys at the expression sessions jam the other night – best of luck with it and enjoy!! I’ll keep an eye on your adventures ;)

    Paul (from Melbs?

  23. how crazy is this lastnight i got mugged on my way to another club on the other side of town, chain, wallet and my phone. so lost all my contacts i made lastnight. but i remembered your web address. thanks again for being so cool hope u 2 continue to enjoy your travels further, keep safe and enjoy,

    Duane Rutledge
    (Cape Town)

  24. What a privilege to have met you! I wish you all the best in your travels. As soon as we get an agent in down under, I will let you know were to find that bottle of owl post ;-)

    All of the best!!

    Gian (Neethlingshof)

  25. It was great to have you guys join us to see the Sharks. We hope you will join us again in the future.

    We wish you all the best in your travels and may you enjoy Africa as much as we do.

    Shark Diving Unlimited team

  26. Hey guys!! Been loving catching up on your trip through this awesome website! What an amazing dream and adventure you’re living out together!! Stay safe and talk to you soon again!!
    Michelle xxx

  27. Hi there guys!!

    How’s the trip? And is the Bakkie still in one piece?! How far are you? We saw the photos, very nice! We hope you’re enjoying yourselves.

    Take care
    Csaba and the Magic Custom Team

  28. Hey guys, just checked out your site and I now understand why you were spending so much time on the internet while I was playing pool with myself on a rainy J-bay afternoon… and I must say, great job! awesome pictures, perfect commentary and some wonderfully captured moments to reminisce! oh, and how could i forget, sweet logo! very nice! I am honored to have been part of your South African journey and I hope our paths intersect again in the near future. Take care dear friends and keep those beautiful smiles cruising!
    peace and love

  29. Hi guys! Lovely meeting and spending the day with you at Atlantis yesterday, teaching “Beast” his way around the sand. Looking forward to that Snoek-braai before you head off in the distance!

    Lindy, Gordons’ Bay, South Africa :)

  30. Hey guys,
    Still feeling excited for you both as I look through your photos..Looks like you’re having a ball
    I may just have to do that detour and meet up with you!
    Tran xox

  31. Hope you’ve found some amazing canned food!! You’re awesome!! Party on!

  32. Heyyyy whats uppp nick australiaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Im Paulo from Brazil, remeber me? We get met in Jeffreys Bay, you also took a nice picture from me and my friend Francisco… Im trying to find you on facebook but i couldnt mannn. I put Nick Australia and Nicholas Tsoupis and i still couldnt find. Is that correct? ANyway, how are you and youur girlfriend doing? Wha t abou the bungee jump, insaneeeeeee ahahahaha amazing experience, isnt it?!?! So, 2012 im intending of going to London to watch the olympic games, and 2014 for the world cup in Brazil, if you two want, you can stay here in my house. There will be a private room for you. So man, take care and see you arround the worldddddd.


    Makes sitting in an office looking at the pics seem very boring! Ha Ha!

    You guys def need to compile all these pics into a book and publish it!!! I would buy one!

    All the best for the rest of your travels…Jodes

  34. Cuzs.. just a shout out to say hello! missing you both

  35. Hey Nick and Zulf!
    Miss you guys heaps! Hope you are having an awesome time in SA. Love all the pics!
    Hear from you soon!
    Limmy and Pru

  36. Hi guys, hope the trip is going well. Looking forward to following your progress.
    Erlo (the guy walking the coast of SA) Find me at http://www.coastingit.co.za and FB.

  37. Great to meet you guys. Can’t wait till we hook up in Durban. Peace

    Los Chones


  39. Leo saying hello to youLeo Saying Hello to you 2

  40. Looks like you guys are having a great time ! Have some beers for me and then put more awesome photos up Nick ! Lots of people from the clinic have been asking about how you have been traveling and I have given them brief details so you can fill them in more later.

    My brother leaves for Africa and the World Cup this Friday (the 4th) but he is very badly organised so I can’t see if his itinerary and yours match up.

    Have a wonderful time and put up more pictures ! : ) Sebastian

  41. Two weeks to go until world cup kicks off! I’m so excited for you two!
    Keep the pics coming.
    much love,

  42. I miss you more than Australia missing out on the Semi Finals world Cup 2006. Travel safely my loves! x