Our engagement

Here’s my story…..9 years ago i met a boy that would change the rest of my life.

We shared a love for travelling – through Papua New Guinea, South East Asia, India, Philippines and South America. Our next was going to be the biggest and the best of them all – a massive trip from the south of Africa to the north of Africa, starting from the world cup and up – this was our dream.

Since it was going to be such a big trip for us, Nick wanted to have a big farewell party to leave Oz with style, one week before we fly out. Little did i realise that the other reason he wanted our farewell to be so special and shared with so many people – was because that was going to be the night he was going to propose – turning our farewell party into our engagement party.

Following the most loveliest thank you speeches to his family and the most beautiful words to me – Nick ended with a toast. But before the party kicked on Nick had a big surprise (Nick is not good at keeping secrets, so this was a phenomenal surprise). His man made Mt Kilimanjaro – made of cardboard and milk crates is brought out (Mt Kili is where I’ve wanted to be proposed to -so i only knew then), and i cannot stop crying as Nick gets down on one knee. All i remember are screams from the entire room, my heart racing and complete disbelief, that my boyfriend who i knew i would spend the rest of my life with is actually asking me to, in front of everyone we know.

I had to watch the video to remember the sweet words, the feeling as our fingers interlocked into a pinky swear and the moment he asked “Zulfaa, i love you with all my life..will you do me the honour and be my wife?”. When i saw the most amazingly beautiful ring ever i was lost for words (so lost in fact, that i never actually said yes to his question).

What a way to start our trip of a lifetime – with my best friend, soulmate and new fiancee.

Love, Zulfaa oxoxo

P.S – Photos are here and here.

If you’ve not seen it already – video footage also available on our facebook pages

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