Last leg to Ethiopia

Tomorrow we are on our way to Ethiopia for 6 weeks.

The time we’ll spend there is almost equivalant to the time we’ve dedicated to trying to obtain a visa to drive in overland from Kenya to Ethiopia. Weeks of unsuccessful attempts at trying to “make a plan” to avoid the normal DHLing of passports back to oz (that i once thought was time consuming), of contact after contact falling through, of hope rising and then falling hard – has left us no choice but to fly in and out of Ethiopia.

We’ve accepted that we’ll be living out of our 18kg backpacks instead of our house-of-a-car and that we’ll be squashed into mini local buses instead of sitting in our comfy Hilux chairs, feet up on the dashboard, with our own choice of music playing and a backseat full of food. We’ve realised its good to change things up and experience our last country in a very different style to the previous 11 countries. Our journey would be boring if we never got off our OWN beaten path.

So tomorrow we start our next and final chapter of our journey, our last African country of worldcupandup – Ethiopia!!!!

Its something we’ve both been waiting for and also wishing it would never come. Our last few months have been filled with moments of simultaneous exhaustion and excitement, feelings of wanting to leave and wanting to stay.

We’re fortunate enough to be in a position where the end of our journey is leading to something so momentous and anticipated that its a natural transition for our lives to be taking.

And for me it’s a relief that Nick and I both feel the same way about whats going to end and whats going to start.

I always wondered how nearing the end would feel, if I would want to keep going, and continue loving every day of this wonderful journey and how I could possibly accept the concept of settling down. But if there’s an important life lesson I’ve learnt over the last 5 years, settling for just anything is not one of them. Both Nick and Africa have taught me about the endless accessible possibilities from which i can choose and live my life freely. My freedom won’t end with this trip.

So really, I’m not moving into a life of “settling down”, I’m just moving on to our next adventure, and I feel just as excited as I did, when I first got on the plane in April, 2010.

Our last leg begins……see you after Ethiopia!

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