Everyone always says that nothing much changes at home while you’re away. The routine of life hasn’t changed, my rugby league team ‘the roosters’ are still disappointingly at the bottom of the league table, the winters are getting colder and prices are rising.

These things I know will carry on without me, and I’m definitely ok with that.

However it is hard to be ok with missing the birth of beautiful baby Allegra – Jonathan & Danielles’ first child, Nicks parents first grand child and Nicks first niece and god daughter.

When i think about the next two years of travelling to come for Nick & I, and all the countries we have yet to see and the incredible things we have yet to experience, two years hardly seems enough.

When I think about the next two years of Allegra’s life I think about all the growing she will do and all her firsts we will miss, and suddenly two years is too long to be away from this little being who already fills us with so much love.

Allegra Tsoupis’ life is going to be filled with so much warmth, laughter and joy – which comes with being a part of the Tsoupis family. I have been lucky to be included in all that happiness for the last 11-and-a-half years, but Allegra will start her life in it. I already know how brilliantly amazing this baby is going to be.

Her parents are fun, loving, caring, intelligent, grounded and remarkable human beings who will no doubt create a happy baby, child, teenager and adult.

On top of that she will also be surrounded by so many people who loved her before she was born, us included.

Baby Allegra, we both wish we were there to give you all the kisses and hugs your little rosy cheeks and tiny feet deserve. And although we might be away from you through your growing years, you must know how much we love and adore you – and always will.

Love forever, your god father Uncle Nick and your favourite Aunty Zulf oxoxo

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