Its been a while…

Firstly, we’re ok.

We’re probably doing better than ok which is why we have been so damn slack with our website.

Its now been over 3 months since we arrived at Mayoka Village in Nkhata Bay – in the north of Malawi.

We have been so busy enjoying Lake Malawi, snorkel fishing, meeting amazing people and eating delicious food that we almost forgot about our worldcupandup journey. We have not moved UP in a long time, in fact in the last 3 months we have not moved anywhere, and we know its been a while since the world cup even started to only be as far as Malawi. We have alot of explaining to do.

We wish we had some great story as to why we are so stuck, but we are enjoying being stuck (again) and being surrounded by our new Mayoka family AND Nkhata Bay internet doesn’t really allow me to update much without spending hours to get one post up. Malawian internet travels much slower than we do.

So our apologies to everyone that has been wondering where we are. Thank you all so much for checking in on worldcupandup – hope to have some new pix up for you all soon.

Loving you and leaving you for now, but not for long!


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