Visiting Vic Falls

We crossed over into Zimbabwe after waiting over an hour in a 3 x 3m room filled with Japanese tourists, sweaty truck drivers, locals waiting impatiently to have their passports stamped and with fellow foreigners paying for the expensive cost of taking our cars into Zimbabwe. It was also a Friday afternoon and a public holiday in Botswana so everything seemed much more all over the place. Or maybe we’ve just been lucky at previous border crossings. Only time will tell.

We’d visited Victoria Falls previously, so we were quite familiar with what would happen everywhere we went.

The minute we pull up into a car spot, out of the corner of my eye I can see touts running to get to us showing wooden carvings and offering us tours. Even as we drive down streets, locals stand on the side of the road waving souvenir Zimbabwe dollars at ourcar “but do you have the trillion dollar note sir?”.

Thanks to a connection with our Kasane friends, we are staying wih Kathy and Sharon, and their 4 dogs and 5 cats. Thank you to all of them for sharing their home with us! Their house is right down the road from Prince Harrys’ girlfriends parents house.  Minus the paparazzi.

We use our time in Victoria Falls to finally catch up on our website (the first time ever it has been up-to-date), do a spot of bream fishing (and are joined by elllies on the banks) and try and organise our travels through Zimbabwe.

Travelling through South Africa and Namibia we were warned about potential dangers and the unknown in Zimbabwe. But since spending time in Kasane with a lot of ex-zimbo’s, we arrived here with excitement and anticipation. Although being harassed in the streets, the local people seem very genuine and kind. I like the way they smile here.

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