Penis rocks at Matobo NP

Matobo National Park is our 2nd national park we visit in Zimbabwe and although we thoughtthatHwange was amazingly beautiful, Matobo comes along to defeat it

Matabo Hills, a UNESCO world heritage site, has been held sacred for thousands of years and itsspiritual importance is documented in the areas 3000 rock art sites – the main periods of paintings dating between 320 and 500AD. As the oldest national park in Zimbabwe, it makes sense that the park appears so pre-historic it could be home to dinosaurs.

The landscape consists of boulders (castle kopjes) stacked so creatively that the majority of our photos are of rock formations that we think resemble pregnant lions, lego men and gorilla faces (and there are loads of erect penises too). These are 1.7 billion years old formed by erosion exposing natural lines of weakness in the rock.

Matobo National park also includes the Whovi Wild area – a 105 square kilometre protective zone for wildlife in the western quarter of the park. This is home to 114 rhinos – we are happy to spot just one of them. Other than our rhino sighting, black eagles, eye-liner wearing springing klipspringers and stunningly coloured rainbow lizards we don’t really see much else. Really, we’ve been spoilt in so many national parks along this trip that we are content.

Cecil Rhodes grave also sits high atop a hill in this park at ‘worlds view’, but at $10 each to view this – we decide he really wasn’t that great after all.

Instead we climb a no-fee gigantic boulder for 360 degree views of the park at sunset – which we think has a ‘worlds view’ anyway.

Here at Matobo I have another attempt at “Terry Teh’s Bolognaise’ – my dads hands down best ever,most delicious thing in the entire world, Spaghetti Bolognaise. Its been cold enough to keep meat with only our ice packs and not a proper fancy fridge, so we treat ourselves to mince meat.

I think its my 3rd bolognaise attempt now, and even though dad has revealed his secrets of his special bolognaise, I am still not close enough to it (and also it always tastes smokey thanks to my campfire stove). My mission on this trip is to get this right – so there will be many campfire bolognaise attempts, to Nicks delight.

This place feels so serene and peaceful, with our campsite by the Malame Dam surrounded by these rock formations that despite the lack of game we stay 3 nights to enjoy this natural beauty.

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