A day at the cricket

Having left Kasane on a high of winning the local touch footy comp, when Nick is invited to play with the Kasane Flatdogs cricket team against the Vic Falls team – he is excitedly searching through his backpack for white clothes and warming up his bowling arm. You can take the boy out of Kasane, but you can’t take the Kasane out of the boy.

He has a trifecta of catches and the bruises on his palm to show for it, and they even let him bowl an over (since the rule stipulates that every player must bowl). After Nicks first bowl hits the ground metres in front of him, Grant Nel is rolling around the floor. Thus at the end of the match during funnels, Nick is awarded 2 beer funnels. One for his trifecta of catches the other for making Grant laugh so hard at his “chinaman bowling”. Even I get made to take a funnel for being a token Aussie spectator. It doesn’t go down well, literally. Thanks Grant.

Although the Kasane team lose, it was still great to see familiar faces and still feel like a part of the Kasane family again.

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