• Great Gatsby at Golden Dish. Imagine a bread roll, 50 cm long, 15cm wide and 20 cm thick. Now
    imagine that roll filled to the brim with steak masala and hot chips. We meet the great gastby. The roll that puts an end to all other rolls.
  • A 24 degree day in Gordons Bay give us an opportunity to climb the “GB” Hill to warm our bodies up for a cool dip in the Indian ocean. Gordons Bay, our home for the last month is situated in a bay, half surrounded by mountains. We chose our mountain to trek up – Nick trekked up hiking pole in one hand SLR camera in the other, Zulf climbed the whole way up and down on all fours struggling not to slip on dirt and clusters of small rocks. Reaching the GB rock formation wasn’t enough, Nick needed more of a thrill, so we hiked further to see if we could reach the peak. We reached a peak (not the peak) and the view up was an eerie cemetery of white rocks. The view of Gordons Bay, as all views in Cape Town go was amazing. This particularly sunny day made the ocean glisten, like glitter had been scattered through it, and as the sun came down, clouds formed on the horizon, so as the sun poked through a spotlight hovered above the ocean and then later set like a beam from ocean to shore. Its hard to make it sound as magical as it really looked.


  • - Two Oceans Aquarium, to discover the marine diversity of two oceans meeting: Indian and Atlantic. A few favourites and weirdo’s: Spider crabs, strawberry anenome, fat bullfrogs, rockhopper penguins.
  • ————
  • - Alongside Table Mountain is the distinctive shaped mountain slope, Lions Head. This proud lion overlooks the city and Table Bay on one side, and the scenic Atlantic Ocean coastline on the other. The 1.5 hour steep trek up finished with pulling yourself up chains and scrambling up rocks to the peak – the view again, always well worth it, as the hike to the top circles around the peak giving you 360 degree views of Cape Town. This night in particular was special as not only did we rest our legs and watch the sun set over the ocean, but on the opposite side the full moon rose, glowing over the city and table mountain. Nick in photographers heaven with the luminescent full moon wanted to find the perfect shot. We didn’t make it down lions head until 10:30pm.
  • ———–
  • World of Birds; the largest bird park in Africa – with over 3000 birds of 400 different species. They actually have an aviary for Australian ibis’, a bird we love to hate. The best part of the day funnily enough was the monkey jungle where we got to watch squirrel monkeys roam freely and climb all over zulf.

Funny things we hear

“Zimbabwe inflation is at 500 billion percent – which is lower than normal”

Things we about Cape Town!

-       All the meat and chips they stuff into a massive Gatsby. Full for days. Can’t wait for our next one!

-       Friendly Capetonians: from the butcher to the mechanic. All smiles, all help.

-       Being in the middle of two oceans, makes things interesting.

-       Gordons Bay, so beautiful that even the sun shines a spotlight over it.

-       Just when we thought Table mountain could not be even lovelier, out comes a full moon to light it up. Wow.

PS – Pics are here

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