-       A night camping at Bontebok National Park. Spotting Bonteboks (the obvious), mongoose, hare, tortoise, birdsgalore

-       De Hoop Nature reserve. When you think you’ve seen enough whales or been close enough..you wander down Koppie Alleen and bam – whales, whales, whales. You don’t even have to try and spot them. Other wildlife spotting include the endangered bird – African Black oyster catchers and their white babies.

-       Arniston: ghost town by night, but by day – beautiful blue and green oceans (also spotted with whales) and theWaenhuiskrans Cave.  Nick braved the supposed low tide which is the only time you can enter the caves, and was rewarded for his bravery with a limestone cave ending with a small opening to another that opens out to the ocean.

-       Cooking meals from home! To thank our new friends of Gansbaai, we decided to cook some authentic asian food. Zulf attempted a soggy nasi lemak, runny gado gado,  her first ever sambal and her saviour on the night – Jumput Jumput. Nick brought out his inner chinese and very proudly (having only ever cooked meat out of a can, or a variety of eggs) produced a delicious chicken chow mein – clearly the winner of the night.

-       Learning the secrets of one of the many Abalone farms in Gansbaai. We were lucky enough to be taken on a private after hours tour of a local Abalone farm. Abalone are an endangered species in SA, thanks to their high value and the many poachers. We saw Abalone from their beginning stages as a tiny dot (so precious, that a sneeze would kill them) to their full grown potential.

-       Big night out at Gansbaai! Thanks to Leon and Rheta for showing us a night out on the town. Bar hopping, darts, many many shots and the two-step on the dance floor at Die Stal (filled with lasers and a few 18 year olds) – we had a great time. It doesn’t matter how big or small a town – great company equates to a great Saturday night.

-       For our last and sad day in Gansbaai we trekked the “Gansbaai hill” –  pathed out with an eclectic mix of flowers and allowing us a view of our home for the last 10 days. Although sad to leave our home in De Kelders, the whale coast road back to Gordons Bay winding between green and rocky mountains and the deep blue ocean proved a good distraction.

Thank you Heidi and Eben for not only being such welcoming and amazing hosts but also for becoming our fill-in parents for 10 days– for the poikis, snoek, koeksisters, melk tarts, all round amazing food, for teaching us and for taking us in.

Things we about Gansbaai!

- Heidi, Eben & the Gansbaai gang

- Whale filled sea

PS – Pics are here

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