• Clubbing in CT along LONG ST with Far, Adrian, Raquel and Ilia – in tiny rooms called bars. Room hopping instead of bar hopping!

  • Its NOT raining in CT! Although, the weather has been a bit scattered. Its incredibly windy for two days, then cloudy another, then 23 degrees and warm, then misty. But at least it hasn’t rained. Bcos we’ve heard that when it rains in CT it pours.

  • Hermanus and whale watching with Farah and Adrian. We packed  a picnic basket filled with red wine and drove the whale coast of Hermanus –the best land-based whale watching destination in the world. We ended our lovely day discovering caves and watching the sun go down over the ocean while we sucked on fizz pops (lollipops with sherbet centres – Far’s childhood favourite). Thank you Farah and Adrian for sharing this road trip with us and for the great laughs.
  • Seal watching and the BEST EVER fish and chips at Kalk Bay. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW to the mosttender and succulent calamari on this earth – Zulfs dad would be proud for the way in which she devoured delicious calamari by the mouthfuls – just melt-in-your-mouth fresh calamari.
  • Boulders Beach – home of a growing colony of African penguins. Watched penguins waddle around and sun bathe on large boulders, and if you’re Nick try and touch a penguin to see if it will bite (yes it does).
  • Cape point and Cape of good hope – the most southern western point on the African continent. Its strategic position between two major ocean currents – Atlantic and Indian- ensures a rich diversity of marine life.

Funny things we see

-fatty seals waiting with open mouths as fisherman gut their catches

- our beast being beaten in a race with a VW bettle

Things we about Cape Town !

- table mountain making the perfect backdrop to the city.

- hmmmm…fresh calamari

- All the bays of Cape Town: Hout Bay, Camps Bay, Kalk Bay and our home – Gordons Bay

- Penguin, seal and whale sightings from shore.

PS – Pics are here

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