Meet Tsitsikamma:

  • This land lies between the sea and the Tsitsikamma Mountains and stretches from the Bloukrans River in the West to Clarkson in the East.
  • Beautiful indigenous forest, protected by the State, is home to centuries old trees such as Yellowwood, Stinkwood, Hard Pear, Ironwood, Kamassi and many others.
  • Tsitsikamma is a khoi word meaning “place of abundant or sparkling water”.
  • Deep river gorges cleft the plateau as they make their way down to the sea, creating spectacular waterfalls and deep kloofs.
  • Weather, 24°C sunny
  • Highlights

  • Being on the Garden Route, one of the famously spectacular and beautiful drives in South Africa along the south eastern coast. Seeing different terrains, lush green rainforests, arid cactus land, pounding ocean waves against tall cliff faces and serene rivers following us along the highway.
  • Our 22km bike ride through lush rainforest to the Storms River Mouth. Note, never start a 22km bike ride of painful uphills, and sometimes terrifying down hills so near to the sun setting. What an amazing view though, riding high above the storms river opening up to the ocean. Zulf walked away from that trip to later live with a week long flu, Nick with 30 spider bites on neck, face and head.
  • Visiting the 900 year old Big Tree
  • The moment of all scary moments: Bungy Jumping off the highest bridge bungy in the world, standing 216m above gorges and rivers at Bloukrans. We got to the top, hearing traffic race pass above us, and seeing below what you would be falling into. We got chosen to be the first to jump, Zulf graciously let Nick go first and watched him super excited jump like an eagle spreading his wings. Zulf, not so graceful. Terrified to jump, she sort of shuffled off the platform unwillingly, and therefore fell feet first, then whipped around the right way, head first. We’ll try and post the dvd on here soon, for you all to laugh at!
  • Funny things we see

    - Zulf bungy jumping feet first

    Things we about Tsitsikamma !

    - How calm the rainforest makes you feel

    - being at the start of the garden route

    PS – Pics are here

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