Hellooo Cape Town!

Meet Cape Town

  • Population: 3,140,600
  • Is the second-most populous city in South Africa and the largest in land area, forming part of the City of Cape Town metropolitan municipality.
  • National Geographic enlisted Cape Town as one of the most iconic cities on the planet and “Places of a Lifetime”.
  • Cape Town is a rare cultural gem, resulting from the amalgamation of Indonesian, French, Dutch, British and German settlers, the local Bushman and Hottentot tribes and the Bantu tribes from the north.
  • The impressive presence of Table Mountain, flanked by the legendary Devil’s Peak and historical Signal Hill, stands proudly above the city. Beautiful white sandy beaches along a peaceful coastline frame the Cape Peninsula, which is famed for its unique floral kingdom, bountiful rivers, vleis and dams and magnificent countryside. The surrounding area extends far into the winelands, green in summer and red-gold in autumn.


-       Our first impression of Cape Town was driving in to see table mountain in the far distance, the sun setting over it and the lights of Cape Town shine at night.

-       Our first 2 days at CT were spent at the Department of Home Affairs, temporary office in a warehouse, desperately trying to extend our already 3 month long visa that expired that very day. We spent 3 hours of Zulfs bday waiting in line to have SA accept our plea to let us stay longer and enjoy even more of this country we dearly love. The best birthday present I got that day was our application being accepted. Pity we have to wait up to 30 WORKING days to have the request formally accepted and stamped in our passports. Oh well, Cape Town is not the worse place you could be stranded.

-       CT food, steak curry with roti, masala steak sandwich, giant gatsbys – reminds us of Dads beef rendang. mmmmmmmmmmm.

-       Strolling through the colourful streets of Bokaap – the malay quarters of Cape Town.

-       Spier Moyo Restaurant for Zulfs 28th birthday. This midsummer night dream setting meant we were surrounded by lanterns in trees, running waterfalls, large angels hidden in forests, and our table was set up amongst the trees in our very own treehouse! Birthday in a treehouse? So lush!

-       Farah!!! Zulfs bestie who has shared her last 12 birthdays since Grade 10 arrived in Cape Town to share another together. Yay! Yay! Yay! Loved seeing you, laughing with you like old times and realising that time apart from each other means little since we have the ability to just pick up where we left off.

PS – Pics are here

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