Funny Ostriches

Meet Oudtshoorn

  • Oudtshoorn is a town in the Western Cape province in South Africa.
  • With 80,336 inhabitants it is the largest town in the Little Karoo region.
  • The town is home to the world’s largest Ostrich population with a number of specialized ostrich breeding farms


Ostriches. If ever you need a good-hurt-your-belly laugh, ostriches will do the trick. We started the day eating Ostrich eggs and sausages. (1 ostrich egg = 24 chicken eggs, their yolks are 70% cholesterol…we did not eat one whole ostrich egg). We then went to an ostrich farm to learn about their history, beginning with the plumes or feathers that ostriches were most valued for, then later their meat and skin.

We stood on ostrich eggs, to prove their toughness, watched ostriches mate and poo, fed ostriches, had ostriches bite at our hands and fingers, laugh at the ostriches who pecked the stones out of our hands (they use the stones to grind the food in their tummies) but the best thing of all was zulf riding an ostrich.

Nick was over the 75kg weight limit, and since ostriches have hollow bones Nick riding one would have meant they would then have to go to the slaughter house. This was just enough to keep nick from lying about his weight.

Zulf secured her legs under the wings and around their hind legs, held tightly onto their wings, leaned back and held on for dear life. Bound to fall from either laughing so much or from the bounce as the ostrich ran in circles. Eesh – we laughed for 48 hours during our stay at Outdshoorn. Check out our video here.

-       Cango Caves, doing the adventure walk the closest thing to caving without having to wear the caving outfits or take the necessary caving precautions. We squeezed up, around and through tiny tunnels, under and over rocks and through gaps of cave where you can’t see where you’ll end up. No matter how small a passing might look,  everyone in the tour big and small can make it through. Not your average stroll through a cave

-       Swartberg Pass, 1583m high – incredible landscapes of clouds rolling across mountains, fields of green, rocky terrain, the sun setting and the moon rising.

-       Zulf buying a warm fleece jacket. Since leaving Durban, we have been getting colder and colder.  So cold that the cold invaded Zulfs blood and she got sick. Buying a jacket to add to the layers of clothing, priceless.

Funny things we see OSTRICHES!!!!!

Things we about Oudtshoorn !

- Ostriches


- Caving

- Ostriches

PS – Pics are here

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