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img_0443Welcome to World Cup and Up!

We invite you to join us – Nicholas and Zulfaa – as we travel through Africa in the search for Adventure, Wilderness and the Greatness of Life. The idea for this trip of a lifetime began 4 years ago whilst we were travelling through Brasil, South America during the last World Cup in 2006. We knew it would be amazing to experience the World Cup in a host nation and also to be a part of the first World Cup on African soil. Since, Africa has ALWAYS been a continent of desire that we knew we wanted to explore, this trip had to be done and we wanted to do it bigger and better than any other adventure before. This trip was about following our dreams and learning about life through the lives of others.

Our decision to leave everything behind in Sydney – our family, friends, career opportunities and a stable life – was not an easy one, but we both feel that there is something greater we can offer and that there is something we can gain from choosing the unknown path, daring to live our dreams and making the impossibles, possible.

Our trip, as the name suggests, begins at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and continues UP through Africa – travelling by our faithful Toyota Hilux Ute. Our aim is to get as far as Greece, to have our fairytale ending of marrying on the Greek island of Nicks dads heritage – but our journey will surely bring us many surprises so we never know where we’ll end up. We started our trip with a surprise engagement, so a surprise wedding seems a fitting ending.

In this site  you will see and feel every ray of African sun, witness every emotion of the 2010 World Cup, experience every wildlife encounter first hand and meet and greet all the friendly local faces we come across.

We’re thrilled to present to you our adventures as we document the endless experiences and excitement Africa has to offer and to share with you the beauty and memories created by travel.

Guaranteed to showcase all the endless amazements of the World we all share.

So lets catch up sometime soon and somewhere off the beaten track.

Peace and Love,



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